What happens when you put frontman of the Talking Heads together with a string quartet, and add in a little piano for good luck? The answer is this DVD.

Terry Bozzio is an incredibly gifted drummer, and in this collaboration has the largest drum kit I think I have ever seen, well maybe with the exception of Stomu Yamashta back in the early 70’s.

It is not an easy task to marry the elements of classic strings to the needs of more modern instruments, and to be honest with you I am not sure that it really worked for me. I found the end result to be somewhat unsatisfying. While both elements were extremely well executed, they seemed to be fighting for center stage.

The one track that did work for me was New Arabia, and maybe the reason for that was both old and new styles were taken out of their respective milieu and forced to work toward a common goal, a middle eastern sound.

This is none the less an interesting DVD, with a very experimental sound. If you have the opportunity I recommend that you take it out for a test drive. You can pick up your copy from MVD.

Simon Barrett


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