This DVD is about the worlds longest continually running Police Drama. Taggart premiered in the UK in September 1983. The original actor playing Jim Taggart was Mark McManus. In 1984 after McManus died, James McPherson carried on in the series as Mike Jardine and in 2002 Taggart’s roll was played by Alex Norton. In 2005 the series was nominated at the BAFTA Scotland Awards and in 2006 it won their Special Contribution to Scottish Broadcasting Award.

It is about four cops on the streets of one of Britain’s most menacing cities, Detectives Burke, Ross, Reid and Fraser. The four make up an excellent team against Glasgow’s criminal, from drug dealers and blackmailers to gangsters and pimps. The team go after justice in the dangerous world while armed with determination and intuition.

Starring in this series is Alex Norton, John Michie, Blythe Duff and Colin McCredie as the four detectives. The guest stars include Stella Gonet, Julian Wadham and Ashley Jensen. There are 8 episodes in this DVD set on 4 discs.

The 8 episodes include Mind Over Matter, Cause and Effect, A Taste of Money, A Death Foretold, Do or Die, Running Out of Time, Cause To Kill and Dead Man Walking.

In Mind Over Matter Two people , a nurse and a student that are both in the same therapy group are found dead DS Reid, goes undercover on  a mission to find the clues they need to find out why they were killed and who did it.

Next we have “Cause and Effect” where three murders occur, a young woman, a marine worker and an ex-cop.

“A Taste of Money” finds a review critic that criticized a restaurant for their food, dead. This causes questions about there be more to this crime than just the bad review the man gave on the restaurant’s food when the man’s girlfriend returns with surprising facts.

“A Death Foretold” is when someone goes to a priest and confesses the one secret that the detectives need for their investigation in solving the case of a serial killer. Will the priest reveal the information he was given in the confession? You will have to watch it to find out.

The other 4 episodes included on Taggart Set 3 are just as interesting. I would recommend it to you. I quote the Daily Mail (UK) as saying it is “Britain’s grittiest police series.”

There is 4 discs with the set and the total running time is approximately 551 minutes. If you would like your own copy you can click on the Amazon link above. It will be released on September 21, 2010 but you can pre-order it now.

Jan Barrett

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