For the first time in the U.S. the audiences will be able to sit at home and watch on DVD the world’s longest continually running police drama, Taggart Set 2. It will be available on DVD on February 23, 2010.

It is described by the Sunday Times as “Gritty, compelling… a mad cocktail of Sherlock Holmes, Agatha Christie, and old Vincent Price movies.

The 4 volume boxed set comes with 8 contemporary episodes which includes the complete 20th season of the series that was aired in the U.K. in 2004. The Scottish series along with its deadpan humor, sordid setting and witty scripts, won universal appeal and became Britain’s longest running police drama series. The total run time for Taggart, Set 2 is about 559 minutes.

Taggart is a hard-driving cop drama with a hard-edged Scottish burr that deals in a world of prostitutes, drug dealers, crime lords and killers. The team of detectives work together to tackle murder in this very tough town with each case requiring them to get inside the minds of the murderers to figure out how they would think and how they act and how they would kill.

Taggart premiered in the U.K. in September of 1983. The beginning of the series started with actor Mark McManus playing DCI Jim Taggart until he died in 1994. Then the series continued with James McPherson as DCI Mike Jardine. Now Alex Norton leads the team as DCI Matt Burke along with John Michie, Blythe Duff and Colin McCredie as the rest of the team of detectives.

In this set, we have eight episodes which include: Penthouse & Pavement, Atonement, Compensation, Saints and Sinners, Puppet on a String, The Wages of Sin, The Ties That Bind, and In Camera.

To get you copy of this great DVD set, Taggart Set 2 please click on the icon at the top of this page and I do hope you will enjoy it.

Jan Barrett

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