Tad is, or was a Seattle based grunge band. What is grunge? That is a very good question, I guess you could call it a style of Punk, yet it is very distinctive in its own right. Formed in 1988 they lived life to the max. These guys knew how to have fun.

Busted Circuits And Ringing Ears, is part documentary history of the band including some priceless archival video footage, and part concert. The opening sequence for example finds rotund (thats polite for overweight) founder member Tad Doyle sat on a kitchen chair that has been bolted to the roof of a Station Wagon hurtling down the freeway. I have been to a number of Air Shows, and I have seen wing walkers, Tad is basically Wing Walking on a station wagon! The legality of all of this is somewhat dubious and gray, but makes for some interesting footage.

Like many groups in the grunge arena what TAD lacks in musical ability they more than make up for in volume, “It was like having a heart attack” one commentator explains. Volume and enthusiasm works wonders, and boy are these guys enthusiastic. To quote from the DVD cover ‘TAD took playing LIVE very seriously; it was a life and death matter’.

Try TAD, it is different, you can get your copy from MVD.

Simon Barrett


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