The Swamp is my world, It is who I am… It is what I am, I was once a man, I know the evil men do. Do not bring your evil here, I warn you… Beware the wrath of… Swamp Thing!

…is the dire warning issued at the start of each episode. This TV cult classic from 1993, 1994 first aired on the USA channel. In 30 minute ‘bites’ the show was in its own way ground breaking. The hero, Swamp Thing was the first ‘anti superhero’ to hit the TV screen. No snazzy outfits where you wear your undergarments on the outside like Batman, no stylized S on his Fruit of the Loom T-shirt like Superman. Swamp Thing looks more like a walking tree trunk with green acne than a superhero.

This show though was different, each 30 minute morsel contained a highly moralistic story. The arch enemy of Swamp Thing, is anyone and everyone that would dare to disrupt the quite solitude of the swamp. Many of the episodes star the very evil Dr. Arcane, the well dressed, and well verbally heeled villain that has made the swamps his residence, a place where he can play genetic god with both man and animal.

Also featured prominently in the series are the Kipp family, Jim, an inquisitive 11 year old boy and Tressa, his recently divorced mother. While the TV Swamp Thing is vastly different from the DC Comics version, it has a real charm of its own. That became apparent when after watching several episodes my wife Jan remarked “You know what, this is really quite good”, praise indeed!

The lead role is played by stunt man and actor Dick Durock, who plays Swamp Thing superbly. You can catch the trailer here, to get an idea of his style, there is also an interview with Dick.

If you like the trailer, you can get the real thing from ShoutFactory.

Simon Barrett

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