Laser Blasting and solar powered! Watch out – It’s One Mean Machine! 70’s Exploitation cinema at it’s best!

Supervan is an exciting action packed film. Clint Morgan (Mark Schneider) defies his father by making a decision on his own. He decides to take the chance when he gets to enter his Van into a contest. He has the van customized like no other van has ever been. He has it equipped with lasers and a plush interior and the van is solar powered.  It has been his dream to enter the van, Vandora, into a van contest known as “Freakout.”

Once the evil white haired bad guy, T.B. Trenton (Morgan Woodward) gets sight of Vandora he decides he has got to have it so he can enter it into the big annual van contest and win.

Karen Trenton (Katie Saylor), Trenton’s rebellious daughter decides to team up with Clint as they take off in the van together. Next comes wild and crazy car chases including the cops chasing them. They find themselves having to use the van to fight a group of really mean bikers with an attitude to stay on the road.

The movie is full of action including a wet t-shirt contest and even with a cameo appearance by a drunken Charles Bukowski. We see a jailbreak, homosexuals and a lot of good silly fun.

You can go to Youtube and see a trailer before deciding on buying it. I think if you were ever a fan of movies like “Convoy” and other car chasing movies you will enjoy the action in this one.

Supervan goes on sale on DVD on March 23, 2010 and to get yourself a copy click on the Amazon link above. I don’t think you will be sorry you did if you like this kind of action.

Jan Barrett

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