The Discovery/Science Channel has once again produced a very fine program, which they have now released on DVD. What killed the dinosaurs? Is a question that has been pondered by scientists for many years. The prevalent theory is that their demise was brought on by a cataclysmic planetary event, and most likely it was the result of the Earth being struck by a comet or asteroid.

As professor Jay Melosh expains, there is nowhere to hide, an object that is traveling at 135,00 miles and hour and 8 miles across is not interrupted by the atmosphere. It is too big and too fast to be bothered by the atmosphere.

Super Comet explores the scenario of that happening today. One is going to hit the Yucatan peninsular, how do you evacuate an entire nation? Within a 1000 miles of impact death will be within minutes. The resulting fireball will vaporise everything in its path. Evacuation plans work well on paper, but when put into practice, lawlessness, and anarchy take over.

Even if you are outside of the main impact zone you are not safe, New York for example is 1500 miles away, but only 33 feet above sea level, the tsunami traversing the globe at 300 miles an hour will devastate virtually every city on or near the coastline.

Super Comet follows these events as seen through the eyes of people in varios locations word wide, from a family in Paris, France to a tribe of  pygmies in Cameroon everyone is effected.

The impact of the comet would be the equivalent of 100 million megatons of TNT.

The effects just keep getting worse. the EMP wave that sweeps across the globe will destroy every  electronic device. Next comes the heat wave, and the rain of fire. The only refuge will be underground. With the Earth on fire, smoke will fill the atmosphere, so dense that sun can’t pierce the gloom. We enter the long winter! With no sunlight the temperatures will plummet, temperate zones become arctic wastelands. The lack of light means that what few plants remain gradually die, photosynthesis stops.

The planet is dead, or is it? Not all life forms require light, fungi become the dominant force, the Earth becomes one giant mushroom farm.

Gradually though the Sun will return, and with it other life forms will flourish once more.

This is a must watch ‘what if’ documentary. The special effects are startling, rivaling anything that Hollywood could produce. The acting is nothing short of Oscar material, and the ‘expert’ commentaries are done in such a manner that the layman can understand. You can get more information from the official Web Site.

You can get you own copy of Super Comet from Amazon

Simon Barrett

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