Need some shock and horror? This might be just the movie for you. With an unrated ‘rating’ it leaves little to the imagination but sleepless nights! This is raw horror at its very best.

A couple, Pia (Nadia Feres) and Rob (Robert Taylor) head out to open waters in a small rented sailboat to spend an idyllic day fishing. Unfortunately a storm starts brewing forcing them to head toward shore to find shelter. Sanctuary comes in the shape of a small island that has what they to presume, an uninhabited farm house on it. The farmhouse incidentally bears an uncanny resemblance to the one used used in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. When they find no one home they search the house for a telephone only to find a little more than what they should have. It transpires that the house does indeed have occupants, and not the sort you would like to invite for dinner. There is a demented father and his two psychotic sons.

Once the owners realize that their secret is out, the ‘grow op’ in the shed has been discovered, they determine they can never let the couple go. They lock the couple up in the barn with all intentions of some recreational torture and rape before killing them.

The young couple try escaping but unfortunately are caught and forced back into the barn where the Rob is severely beaten and his leg broken. This leaves only Pia to fight for their lives. Locked in the barn with a blood hungry hound as guard, things look pretty bleak. But Pia has some ideas of her own to fight back. “To catch a mad dog, you must think like a mad dog” is her mantra.

From this point on he movie degenerates into a house of gore, with what can only be described as a shocking finish. The ‘unrated’ rating is richly deserved!

You can get your own copy from Amazon.

Simon Barrett 

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