Stories of The American Puppet

Ever wonder about the history of American Puppetry? Or wanted behind-the-scene information about specific puppeteers? If so, then your dreams have come true: Stories of The American Puppet, a 2001 Emmy Award-Winning documentary, covers all that ground and more in a delightful hour-long program.

Beginning with the settling of the new world and the first ad for a puppet show in 1742, the informative documentary follows the puppeteering trend up to the present day. Though the special’s topic is highly specialized, the presentation is enjoyable and entertaining even for non-puppet fanatics.

Interviews with some of the foremost authorities on puppets, as well as puppeteering icon Shari Lewis, of Lampchop fame, help shed light on this often ignored aspect of public entertainment. Profiling such luminaries as Tony Sarg, Edgar Bergen, Robert Emil Schmidt, Paul Winchell, and of course, Jim Henson, Stories of The American Puppet takes you behind-the-strings of some of the greatest puppeteers.

Hosted and narrated by Dan Lauria, this documentary takes a new look at a classic art form. Some sections are a bit more exciting than others, but for the most part, this documentary stays surprisingly engaging. The bonus features are extensive, including numerable clips from movies, tv, and backstage many theaters. Viewers with even a passing interest in puppets will find something here to draw them in, if only for a little while.

Zach’s Rating: B
Professional puppeteer’s rating: A
Professional rackateer’s rating: C-

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