In 1619, Slave Traders brought the first African Slaves to America, the slaves brought with them, their own culture, traditions, and heritage. The same culture, traditions, and heritage that influences African American culture to this day.

What is Stepping?

Most people have never even heard the term ‘Stepping’, yet it is the root, the grandfather, maybe the great grandfather of many of our dance styles. Using your feet to create rhythm is universal, the Dutch used wooden clogs, the Irish developed a style of dancing, best portrayed by Michael Flatley  in Riverdance, the Brits have Morris Dancing, and the Americans had Fred Astaire. Using the feet to provide rhythm are universal. The foot is a great instrument. And one that is ideal for providing back up to either vocal or instrumental accompaniment.

Stepping takes a look at the many and varied versions of this genre. From soldiers marching, to high energy stage shows, it is all the same basic strategy.

This is an interesting DVD, it might sound a little niche, and I guess it is, but it is also illuminating. A fine example of an art form that has diversified. And all art forms do that over time.

You can get your own copy of Stepping from MVD.

Simon Barrett

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