30 seconds into this DVD I realized that it had been mistitled. It should have been called, Flamenco meets Gibson. Stanley Jordan is a fabulous guitarist, and he eeks sounds from an electric guitar that other musicians must salivate over.

The Paris Concert comes from footage take in 2007 at the well known Paris club New Mornings. Stanley Jordan is joined by Charnett Muffett (double bass) and David Haynes (drums).

Stanley Jordan has a unique style of playing guitar, and one that I don’t think I have ever seen before. Most people ‘fret’ with their left hand while their right hand either strums or plucks at the ‘blunt end’. Stanley does not follow this convention, for the most part, where he is ‘fretting’ with the left, he is strumming and plucking with his right! It certainly looks strange, but he certainly produces great music with this ‘off the wall’ style.

The Stanley Jordan Trio are most certainly of the Jazz genre, but the compositions are more rigid and mathematical than what you normally find. I would bet a beer that if I was to ask Stanley who his favorite classical composer was, he would answer J. S. Bach, and his favorite artist would be M. C. Escher.

I like this DVD a lot, I love this style, and I certainly love the guitar style of Stanley Jordan. You can get your own copy from MVD.

Simon Barrett


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