I am as always a huge fan of horror shows and when I heard about this movie, Stan Helsing I wanted to see it as it seemed a bit different from your typical horror movies and I was right. The movie was written and directed by Bo Zenga who brought us Scary Movie.

Stan Helsing (Steve Howey) is a slacker video store clerk who has big plans for Halloween night with his insanely sexy ex-girlfriend Nadine (Diora Baird) and his best friend Teddy (Kenan Thompson) and his date Mia, an exotic dancer/massage therapist (Desi Lydic). When Stan is ready to take off work he has a bag of videos that he has to deliver before going to the party which doesn’t make his friends very happy since the customer lives in the opposite direction and it would cause them to be late for the party they were going to.

On route to deliver the videos the group run into more than their share of problems like running over a dog which they thought was a baby bear until the dog’s owner drives up and appears to be homicidal that vows revenge on them for hitting his dog and a hitchhiker that is an escaped convict that is a serial killer.

Eventually they detour into a place at Stormy Night Estates which is a converted old film studio. They find a restaurant where there is a waitress (Leslie Nielson) serving them as they are told about the group of the biggest monsters in the movie history that have cursed the town. The monsters include Freddy (Nightmare on Elm St.), Jason (Friday the 13th), Pinhead (Hellraiser), Leatherface (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre), Chucky (Child’s Play) and Michael Myers (Halloween).

Stan learns that he is a direct descendant of the legendary monster-hunter Van Helsing so now the town is looking for him to become their hero by getting rid of this curse. They tell him it has to be an ultimate confrontation between good and evil which will require immeasurable courage, grim determination and a flair for karaoke.

Will Stan and his friends rid this small town of their curse? Buy the movie and see for yourself. It is an amusing film to say the least.

You can find it at Amazon.

Jan Barrett

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