Special Branch, Set 1 is a classic British spy drama from the 70’s which the U.K.’s press calls “Hard-hitting” (by The Scotsman) and “Groundbreaking drama” (by The Independent). This DVD captures the interest of the true fans of spy dramas and police procedures.

The Special Branch of London’s Metropolitan Police is a force that is dedicated to stopping terrorist activities and countering espionage in the nation’s capital. The great cast in this film including George Sewell, Patrick Mower and Richard Leech takes us all on an adventurous trip though Britain’s internal affairs.

DCI Alan Craven (George Sewell) is a committed officer that takes us to a dangerous, ever shifting landscapes of spies, assassins, surveillance, forgeries and sudden death. He works with a team of officers like the younger and brasher DCI Tom Haggerty (Patrick Mower). Craven is a cop that has a habit of confronting explosive issues with life or death consequences.

Special Branch, Set 1
is about National security in the 70’s that includes 13 episodes on this 4-disc set:

1.    A Copper Called Craven
2.    Round The Clock
3.    Inquisition
4.    Assault
5.    Polonaise
6.    Red Herring
7.    Death by Drowning
8.    All The King’s Men
9.    Threat
10.    The Other Man
11.    You Won’t Remember Me
12.    Hostage
13.    Blueprint

You can watch a sneak preview on the trailer below:

The DVD set comes with a bonus of interviews with George Sewell and Patrick Mower which adds 17 additional minutes to the approximate 662 minutes total of all 4 of the discs. I have to warn you that there is some strong language though.

If you would like to order a copy of Special Branch, Set 1 for your home viewing, it goes on sale September 25, 2012 but by clicking on the Amazon link above, you can pre-order it.

Jan Barrett

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