The Cult of Cartman - RevelationsPackaged to look distinctly like a holy book, this new collection of South Park episodes - a “best-of” compilation of Eric Cartman’s antics – includes 12 classic episodes of the (arguably) most outspoken and memorable character from the (arguably) most outspoken and memorable show on television. The Cult of Cartman – Revelations package also includes a Cult of Cartman membership card and a Cartman sticker. But it’s the episodes (spread out over two discs) that make this collection worthwhile. Obviously, like any other “best-of” compilation, if you already have every season, you already have these episodes. But for those missing a few seasons – or for those who need to own everything – The Cult of Cartman – Revelations is a welcome addition to the South Park library.

Each of the twelve episodes is prefaced by a brief Cartman commentary explaining why the episode was included in the collection and what viewers can expect to learn. Lessons include such gems as being prepared to retaliate on your enemies “1000 fold” (from “Scott Tenorman Must Die”) to understanding that you shouldn’t pretend to be mentally handicapped in order to win the Special Olympics (from “Up the Down Steroid”). The majority of the “lessons” also include Cartman briefly reiterating that “we all die in 2012.”

The episodes included are:

1. Scott Tenorman Must Die
2. Awesom-O
3. The Death of Eric Cartman
4. Cartoon Wars (Part 1)
5. Cartoon Wars (Part 2)
6. Le Petite Tourtte
7. Tonsil Trouble
8. Eek, A P****!
9. Cartmanland
10. Up The Down Steroid
11. Super Fun Time
12. Ginger Kids

Each episode prominently features Cartman (obviously) and that means Cartman fans will be more than thrilled with this set. A few of the episodes (“Tonsil Trouble”, “Eek, A P****!”, and “Super Fun Time”) are appearing on DVD for the first time, but whether or not this justifies purchasing the entire set is up to you.

Zach’s Rating: B+
Perfect For: Well, obviously, for those who can’t get enough of Eric Cartman
Stay Away if: You watch South Park in spite of, not because of, Cartman

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