The Complete Eleventh SeasonOver a decade after its inception, South Park – the ubiquitous animated series that has been relentlessly (and unsuccessfully) copied and derived from - is still going strong on Comedy Central. Despite the fact that the show is now officially older than its protaginsts, the quality of the material in this eleventh season collection, made up of 14 episodes, including the three-episode Emmy-nominated “The Imaginationland Trilogy,” attests to the fact that producers Trey Parker and Matt Stone haven’t lost whatever spark of mad genius that made the show popular to begin with.

They certainly haven’t lost their ability to mix gross-out shock humor with genuinely thought-provoking issues. Who else can successfully mix head-lice and global warming without it coming off more than a little contrived? Name a sensitive subject of recent interest and it’s sure to be included in an episode on these three discs. What’s most impressive is that Parker and Stone are equal-opportunity offenders, serving as the class clowns of television, sitting in the back of the class and shooting spitballs at every aspect of modern society, culture, and religion.

Stan’s dad seeks Jesse Jackson’s forgiveness after using the n-word on Wheel of Fortune. Butters goes to a Christian camp for the bi-curious, where his co-campers are constantly committing suicide. Kyle gets voted the ugliest boy in class… or does he? Stan and Kyle seek superstardom by earning 1,000,000 points on Guitar Hero. Though I tend to prefer the episodes mocking religion (such as “Cartman Sucks” or “Fantastic Easter Special”), every episode has some bit of comedic gold to offer viewers. Without a laugh track or forcefully cheesy dialogue, Parker and Stone even manage to deliver a genuine message from time to time.

Zach’s Rating: A-
Perfect For: Fans looking for South Park to prove it’s still as relevant as ever
Stay Away if: Cartoons make you think of The Smurfs

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