“Come to the dark side” Darth Vader entreats Luke in Star Wars. This is an apt quote to use when talking about Solitude. They are the embodiment of the dark side. The genre of music is Prog Metal. Put on your full body armor before unleashing this one on your poor unsuspecting DVD player!

To say this band is dark themed, is to put it mildly, they make Steven King look like an author of children’s books!

Dark themed music combined with dark themed use of video lead to an interesting combination. If Prog Metal is your bailiwick then you will most certainly want to get a copy of Hour Of Despair. I have to admit that Prog Metal is not what I am good at, I am sure that these folks are doing a great job, but it just didn’t hit the spot with me.

This is another Metal Mind Production out of Katowice, Poland, this company is without doubt the most influential organization today when talking about Prog anything.

While I may not like this particular album, I do have respect for good musicians, and these guys are definitely good musicians. If you are a follower of prog metal give them a try. You can get a copy of Hour Of Despair from MVD.

Simon Barrett


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