Scientists all over the world work daily to find a cure for cancer. Thousands of dollars are spent on the research but no one has come up with a sure answer. In this movie, Skinless, Dr. Peter Peele (played by Brandon Salkil) thinks he just might have a cure with the help of his friend and partner, Dr. Alice Cross (played by Erin R. Ryan).

As a sufferer of a possible cancerous lesion on his shoulder that seems to be getting worse, Peter is determined to find a cure. When they tried to get some financial backing for more research they are turned down, and they are told to give them more proof of what they found and then they would consider it.

Peter doesn’t have time for more testing so he suggests to Alice that he try the serum on himself but she is firmly against the thought so when she leaves he decides to try it on himself anyway. He injects the serum into the lesion on his shoulder and then falls asleep. When he wakes the next morning he is excited to see the serum worked. The lesion is completely gone. He calls Alice and tells her the news and that he needs her by his side so they can work together, thinking he would now be able to get the financial backing he desperately needs.

It doesn’t take long for things to start falling apart for Peter. The flesh eating parasite that was the basis for his research and his cure unfortunately has some side effects that Peter wasn’t expecting. His flesh starts peeling away and the lesion is now back only it is growing rapidly. Peter starts getting an insatiable hunger for human flesh because it helps stave off the transformation. Anyone entering his home is clearly in danger.

Alice is one he certainly doesn’t want to harm though. He is in love with her and he tries to convince her that they can find a cure for this and be able to spend the rest of their lives together. Alice however is not in love with Peter, romantically. She loves him as a friend and partner only. Peter eventually feels betrayed by Alice though.

You can watch the official trailer for this movie, Skinless, below:

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Jan Barrett

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