Martin Atkins is an interesting character, part film maker part musician, and part pop culture commentator.

In this DVD Martin Atkins takes us into the Bejing music scene, and an interesting scene it is. We find Chinese Punk, and even a little Chinese Death Metal. We also find something fairly unique, the guy that plays keyboards in one band, may well be the guy that plays guitar in another!

Martin tries to put on a recording session, of course all does not go well. It is fascinating to watch him gradually unravel! I feel really sorry for his assistant Cindy, who takes the brunt of his ire.

The differences in culture are huge. The TV is censored, there are law enforcement officers toting automatic weapons, this certainly is not Kansas Dorothy!

What he does discover is a small club D22, this is heaven on earth, or maybe CBGB in China.

All in all this is a very interesting DVD. The one thing that I walked away with was the knowledge that while the spoken language may be different, there is a commonality and camaraderie between musicians.

Martin’s ulterior motive is to sign up some bands and bring them to th US. This proves to be a very frustrating task. There is a distrust of all things west.

Does he succeed? Well you can find out buy getting your own copy from MVD.

Simon Barrett

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