Single-Handed, Set 1 is a powerful crime drama film that was filmed on location in Ireland. Garda Sergeant Jack Driscoll (Owen McDonnell) has been transferred from Dublin to a small Irish town in which he grew up in. It doesn’t take him long to realize the law enforcement in the small town was rolling in corruption and has a lot of long held secrets.

When he arrives home on the west coast of Ireland Driscoll’s father and predecessor of his new post, warns him, “Out here, it’s a team of one.” Jack is appointed as the chief enforcement officer in the community and he soon realizes exactly what truth was in his father’s words. He is faced with challenges that he never dreamed of in Dublin. He finds it a task alone in just winning the respect of the people in the small village.

He has to find a way to escape the shadow of his father, Garda Sergeant Gerry Driscoll, (Ian McElhinney) who ran things how he felt like things should be run and not on the principle of things. He tries to put an end to his father’s legacy which ends up being a major task since the village was so set in their old ways. They weren’t ready for change.

To make matters worse when Driscoll took over his Dad’s job, he was left with an assistant. Garda Finbarr Colvin (David Herlihy), that worked with Gerry who was used to the way things were run before and wasn’t ready for a change in things either.

There are three feature length crime dramas included in this set. Each mystery will keep you in suspense as the investigations go on. Some of his cases involve the murder of a beautiful immigrant and a child that was kidnapped. One is about a 17 year old boy that drowned. That case leads Driscoll into another case which turns out to be an even bigger.

Single-Handed, set 1 was nominated for best drama series at the Irish Film and Television Awards and a silver medal at the New York Festivals Television and Film Awards. It aired on British TC in the UK in 2009 and soon new episodes are scheduled to air in 2011. Single-Handed, Set 1 is a 3-disc set that has a total air time running approximately 278 minutes and it does contain some tough language that might not be suitable for children. It goes on sale on February 1, 2011.

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Jan Barrett

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