Sid Vicious – His Final Hours is a part of the Final 24 series covering famous stars last 24 hours before their death. It explains what led to the final moments of their life.

John Simon Ritchie at 19 was drawn to the punk scene and started hanging around other punks. He was seen at all of the Sex Pistols shows in all the pubs and eventually had become a member of the band. He became one of the iconic figures of the early punk rock movement with his bloody on stage shenanigans.

We are told about his drug fueled relationship he had with Nancy Spunger mainly on his final few weeks that were full of craziness, from suicide to psychiatric wards.

Nancy was found dead on the bathroom floor on October 12, 1978 after the pair had spent a night on drugs. Sid claimed he found her but didn’t remember what happened that night. She died from a single stab womb to her abdomen causing her to bleed to death. Sid said that they had a fight that night but he gave several versions of what happened after that. He told the police, “I stabbed her, but I didn’t mean to. I loved her but she treated me like shit.”

10 days after her death he was charged with assault after an altercation with Todd Smith. He was arrested on December 9, 1978 and was sent to Riker’s Island prison for 55 days. He was released on February 1, 1970.

His mom held a party for him that night. She even cooked his favorite meal for him that night. At the party around midnight Peter Kodick arrived at the party with a delivery arranged by Sid’s mother so Sid could get the high he had been craving all day. An hour after being free again she was injecting the heroine into his recently drug free body.

Later on that night Sid and his new girlfriend, Michele Robinson, fell asleep together and he was found dead the next morning. Autopsy reports say he died from a accumulation of fluid in his lungs that was consistent with heroin overdose.

This DVD Sid Vicious His – Final Hours digs into his past and uncovers the series of events that eventually led to his death. It reveals for the first time the shocking revelation that sheds new light on his final hours left on earth.

If you remember Sid Vicious then you would find this documentary interesting. If you had never heard of him before you would still find this interesting. It gives yet another insight of what drugs can do to a public image on the stage or on film.

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