A little bit of Googling reveals that Shelter belong in what is known as Punk-Pop. I am not sure that I would peg them that way though. Generally speaking when I see the word Punk, I head for the hills.

Shelter do have some style and ability that you do not run into with the average Punk band, and several of the tracks I found to be quite engrossing. The first track Revealed in Reflection is a very melodic and well structured song. These guys can sing!

If I had to describe their style I would likely say they are Oasis on steroids! They have some great ability, but seem to prefer to hide behind some pretty bad guitar playing, and heavy drumming.

I certainly would not write these guys off, with a little polish they could be wonderful. In fact pieces of their true ability do show through, Whole Wide World (track 7) is a great example of their potential.

With the right management these guys could go far. One of the problems that I found was that Shelter try to be too many things, Track 8, Helpless, is pure rap, and that does not fit their style at all. I think that if they stick with the Oasis style they will garner much more success.

You can get a copy of Beyond Planet Earth from MVD.

Simon Barrett


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