Shaggy may not be a household name to us in North America, but he certainly in in his native Jamaica. This island is the the heart of the reggae movement, and a very fine DVD this is. Interestingly it was recorded live in 1998, but not in Jamaica, this DVD was filmed in Bavaria, which I had not really considered a central hub of the reggae genre.

Shaggy is joined by the Groove Society Band, who add their unique touch to the music. Classic reggae it is not, reggae ‘out of the box’ it is not. It is an unusual fusion with many other styles. My Dream (track 4) is a classic example, there are so many musical influences at work it is impossible to categorize the style. But that is the joy of music, it is not a static thing, it moves, it grows, it splits, and it marries with other styles.

Oh! Carolina (track 6) seems to belong more to the be-bop crowd than the Rastafarian world. This is a very eclectic performer.

In The Summer Time was a big hit for the brit band Mungo Jerry back in 1970, Shaggy and the boys give it a bit of a work over and feature it as track 11.

No self respecting Reggae band can avoid a Bob Marley tribute, and a medley of One love, Three Little Birds, Get Up Stand Up, and Iron Lion Zion, is what we are treated to.

Shaggy shifts in and out of the traditional reggae role, and maybe the best example is the song he chooses for his final encore. Day-O, has been done to death, somehow he manages to pull off an OK version. I certainly have heard better.

You can pick up your copy of Shaggy from MVD.

Simon Barrett

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