Have you ever wondered what a life after death experience is? Would you be able to see the loved ones that are left behind to get a chance to tell them goodbye? I would love to know if I would be able to revisit my husband or my children and friends to be able to prepare them for my having to leave them, but we don’t know if that is really possible.

This DVD, Shades, is about two people from London that died but both were able to stick around and see what their afterlife is all about. Maeve (Dervla Kirwan) was hit by a hit and run driver which killed her and Mark (Stephen Tompkinson) died while having surgery while his own wife was having a baby.

The two of them didn’t know each other before their untimely death but they are thrown together once they died. They find themselves given a chance to help those that were left behind with coping with their deaths.

The only problem with the afterlife was that they were not allowed to speak with those that they knew, they could only speak with strangers and once they walked away from the stranger they were forgotten, just that quick. This makes it kind of difficult for them to help their loved ones.

The two also learn about some disturbing facts that they never knew about when they were alive. For instance, Maeve was involved with a married man, who was not only cheating on with Maeve, but apparently he was also cheating on Maeve as well. Mark had been a happily married man with children but when he died he left his family penniless.

It is interesting to watch these two try to make things right that were wrong when they were still living. The cast of this series also includes Peter O’Brien, David Bradley and Callum Blue.

Shades is now on DVD and it is a 2 disc set with 6 episodes. The airtime runs approximately 296 minutes. You will find a mixture of humor and sadness while watching this DVD set.

To get your copy of Shades just click on the Amazon link above.

Jan Barrett

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