In Search of Montezuma's TreasureAfter reading a 1964 Life Magazine article describing the mysterious Peralta Stone Tablets, Raymond Dillman launched himself into a lifelong campaign to decipher the stones and discover their original meanings and the treasures they pointed to. Secrets of the Stone Tablets, a new treasure-hunting documentary from XZault Media Group examines one family’s quest for discovery and treasure.

Apparently tapped for plot lines to the recent National Treasure sequel, the underlying story behind the Dillman family’s search makes for an incredible modern-day treasure hunt tale, if not an incredible documentary. Though the production value of the film itself leaves something to be desired (most of the interviews are only with Dillman family members or friends), the story is striking enough in itself to still pull viewers in.

Covering the exploits and treasure digs of the Dillman family, this documentary seeks to further the theories of Raymond Dillman, declaring that the Peralta Stone Tablets were created by Cabeza de Vaca and Estevenico. Covering several archaeological digs in the American Southwest (including the Dillman family’s 1982 dig in Utah that uncovered a fifth stone tablet, three skeletons, and numerous artifacts), Secrets of the Stone Tablets is something of a larger-than-life adventure story set in the 21st century.

As Dan Dillman states in an interview during the film, “My grandfather set out looking for a treasure, but what he found was a quest.” Though Dillman’s tone is consistently hopeful and driven, the lack of extensive research into the 1982 discoveries and information about the current digs he is leading cause the end of the film to fall a bit flat. But clocking in at just under 80 minutes helps keep this documentary fast-paced and interesting, if a little light on details. Though viewers may be hoping for a bit more detail in the bonus features, they’ll find themselves a bit disappointed as the only bonus features here are a few breakdowns of the CGI scenes used in the film.

Zach’s Rating: C
Perfect For: Anyone obsessed with treasure hunting mysteries
Stay Away if: You’re more interested in Indiana Jones than real-life adventures

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