“It’s a cold case 3500 years old”, are the opening words to this fascinating documentary. Ancient Egypt was the very center of world power, and managed through hieroglyphs to convey that rich history to us in the modern world. The Pharaohs and the dynasties are for the most part better documented than modern leaders. Our Presidents and their legacy lives on in the form of artifacts left in their usually very ornate tombs and pyramids.

There is one huge exception to this, Queen, then later Pharaoh Hatshepsut. During her reign she was more powerful than Cleopatra, or even Nefertiti, yet little is known about this lady. She was the first woman to rule Egypt, that much we do know. Yet we know very little else. After her death Egypt went to great lengths to remove all references and images.

The Discovery Channel not only sets out to uncover the real story, but also to try and find the actual mummy of Hatshepsup. Not unlike the popular ‘Cold Case’ television program, they start with few clues. It is likely that she was buried in the Valley Of The Kings, likely in a posture befitting a Pharaoh, and the wrapping around the body would be of the finest quality. This all looks like scant information!

Egyptologist and researcher Dr. Zahi Hawass has committed many years to this quest. The mummy was moved shortly after her death. The tomb is well known and bare. The most likely reason is the religious men of the time moved the body to prevent desecration. One thing is clear though, they would not have moved it far. If the mummy exists, it will be close by. There were no 747’s or even trucks that could have moved the body, human hands and muscle were the weapons used.

Hatshepsup was by no means a beloved ruler, her enemies were many, and influential. Including her own family. But what could this woman have done to warrant having almost every trace of her existence removed? Lost Queen takes on the mission, it is a twofold quest, locate the physical mummy, and also the story behind the ancient Egyptians need to rewrite their own history.

Do they succeed? Well get your own copy from Amazon and check it out for yourself. There is also an official web site.

Simon Barrett


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