Every year around Halloween, people start looking around for haunted houses to visit. On Halloween night they dress up in spooky costumes and try scaring everyone they come upon. It is usually all in fun and completely harmless.

Occasionally you find amusement parks that are intended just for the fun of things. The Fright Land Amusement Park is one of those parks. Unfortunately times are rough and the owner of the park has to face reality that his park is on the verge of closing down for good.

The owner, Hyde (Doug Bradley) decides that in order to prevent his park from having to shut down he needs to find a way to divert attention to it that would draw customers into buying tickets again.

Hyde comes up with a plan thinking that if someone was murdered in the park that it would create a media sensation that would bring the customers back in.

On the last night before closing down, the crew at the park decides to have one last party on the park’s grounds just for one last get together. What better place to hold a party than the office itself, after hours. Little did they know that their boss had hired two backwood maniacs to break into the park and hack and slash all of the employees.

I’ll let you watch Scream Park to see if this plan of Hyde’s actually works or if it backfires on him. You can view the trailer below:

You can get your own copy of Scream Park on DVD from Amazon by clicking on the Amazon icon above. You would have to pre-order it. The actual sale starts on April 22, 2014. I hope you enjoy it.

Jan Barrett

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