This DVD, Scar Crow has witch hunts that seek out, torture and murder tens of thousands of mainly women for 300 years as European communities panic with fear over the witches that maybe living among them.

The three Tanner sisters are the daughters of a woman, Elizabeth Tanner, which was convicted for practicing witchcraft. Her punishment was being hung to her death. With their mother not being there anymore, the girls live in fear since their father started abusing them and taking advantage of them. They decide to kill him and then they hide his body on a cross in the field as a crow scarer. With their father’s last words before he dies, he places a curse on them which would force all three of the girls to remain on the farm they live on for an eternity.

The girls have to live in limbo working all alone on the Graves Hill Farm until the year 2009 when four guys from an insurance company in the city appear. None of the men really want to be there but it is afterall an all expense paid company trip to the middle of nowhere, so they decide to make the best of it. To the guys, the three sisters appear to be friendly, open and warm to them but all is not as it seems, as the guys slowly start to realize.

The girls decide to, with the help of their mother’s witchcraft, resurrect their Father and seek his mercy hoping to get him to lift the curse he set on them. They get their Father to have mercy on them by lifting the curse but it will come with a price. He wants them to replace him as the scarecrow with the body parts of five individuals, one for each of the Tanner family. So how do the three sisters handle this? Just how much do they want their freedom?

You can watch a trailer for the movie, Scar Crow and it will give you an idea of what you will see.

There is a lot of bloody violence in this film as you can see by watching the trailer but if you are a Horror film fan you should like this one.

If you would like your own copy of Scar Crow you can click on the Amazon link above.

Jan Barrett

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