Sam & Max Freelance Police - The Complete SeriesFinally, almost a decade after its television premiere, the entire series of Sam & Max Freelance Police is now available on DVD. For those who don’t know, this is a cartoon that aired on FOX kids. It’s an irreverent take on the comic book series by Steve Purcell, who also served as a writer on the TV series. Each of the 13 episodes is increasingly unusual and surprisingly weird for a children’s show.

Whether Sam and Max are battling a gigantic refrigerator monster or working to escape from a gang of New Guinea Pigs, there’s always something going on. Some sort of weirdness is bound to occur when Sam and Max are on the job, and not only because Sam is a giant anthropomorphic dog and Max is a funny looking monster bunny that were created “as a mockery of the comics of an eight year old,” according to creator Steve Purcell. 

There’s a mixture of dark Ren & Stimpy humor and underground comic book prowess going on here. Each case that the detecting duo takes on is stranger than the last, and the close-ups of monkey’s rears and the trips into outer space only serve to make the show more interesting. The complete series is included in this 3-dvd set and all 13 episodes are available on the first two discs, while the third disc includes all kinds of extras, from an short interview with creator Steve Purcell to an original series “Bible” avaible in downloaded PDF form if you insert the third disc into your computer.  There’s also a brief collection of short animated films from the Vice Squad series, a precursor to Sam & Max.  

Overall, it’s nice to have the entire series on DVD, but only hardcore fans will find this series DVD set worth purchasing. The show is a bit too frenetic and the episodes a bit too incomprehensible for the mainstream viewer, but most likely this set has been produced for the demanding fans of the show. The dvd cases are incredibly artistic and the cover of the set is more eye-catching than the entire series. Anyone who already loves the show won’t be disappointed, but for those who haven’t previously heard of the insanity that is Sam & Max, you might want to watch before you buy.

Zach’s Rating: B-
Perfect For: Fans of the cartoon who have been waiting for this
Stay Away if: You know you didn’t like Ren & Stimpy
Watch For: The fight with the New Guinea Pigs

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