Season 1, Vol. 2For introductory information on Route 66 as a show, follow the link to my review of season 1, volume 1 below. This second volume of discs offers 15 more episodes and 15 more hours of classic adventure television. The screener contains only four episodes, but they lead to an extremely favorable view of the show itself, and the remaining 11 episodes in this collection.

In the double episode “Fly Away Home” Tod and Buz head to Arizona in their blue convertible so that Tod can follow through on some flying lessons he received from a family friend as a child. But instead of a friendly welcome, the guys find yet another intriguing situation involving a mysterious death, a jinxed flyer and his scorned lover (who Buz immediately takes a liking to), and a dicey contract that may be the final blow to the flying business.

Meanwhile, Tod takes up with an old friend who’s “grown up a lot since she was 15.” It’s all classic television and even this child of the ’80s can see the draw to a show that plays out like hour-long episodes of a lengthy film. The on-location filming is a clever gimmick that turns into more than a gimmick as audiences see much more than simple constructed Hollywood sets. It’s the kind of show that could tear up the screen in today’s lackluster television lineup, but anyone with a DVD player can now enjoy it anytime they like.

The bouncy, string-filled score often serves to further highlight the more overdramatic moments, though by the standards of The O.C. and Dawson’s Creek, the melodrama meter is relatively low here. Don’t worry, though, there’s still plenty of romantic tension and dramatic mysteries running through these episodes. Anyone who purchased the first volume will be more than happy to drop the money for this second volume containing the remaining 15 episodes from the first season.

Zach’s Rating: A-
Perfect For: Those looking to continue the season started with Route 66: Season 1, Volume 1
Stay Away if: A bit of melodrama doesn’t do it for you
Watch For: The striking chemistry between the two leads

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