Australia is rapidly becoming a major player in the movie world. There is something elusive yet unique in their productions. Rogue is a movie that maintains that Australian identity. It scored highly in its homeland, and now we in North America can have an opportunity to watch it. Directed by Greg McLean, Rogue takes us into the murky world of swamps and a killer Crocodile.

On a river cruise through the waters of Kakadu National Park in the Northern Territory of Australia, Pete McKell, (Michael Vartan) an American travel writer finds himself in a difficult terrifying situation. Kate Ryan, (Radha Mitchell) is the feisty tour guide running the show for the boat full of tourists.

Towards the end of the tour they come to an end where they have to turn around to return to their original location. One of the tourists spots a flare go off while taking pictures and he reports the sighting to Kate.

Kate hesitates, knowing if she investigates the flare sighting she will be late getting back with the tourists. She also knows the area she would have to head in is a scared area where they are not supposed to be in but she feels obligated to check on what might be a distress call.

They find themselves in a secluded lake and as they are slowly cruising along looking for who could have set off the flares when suddenly their boat gets hit with a powerful blow from the water and the boat starts taking on water. Kate runs the boat into a small dry mud island with no choice but to evacuate the boat.

Once on the island the next question is to how do they get off this little island to go for help without becoming the crocodile’s next meal. They realize the tide will be rolling in soon causing the water to rise and cover the island they are on so they have to come up with a solution within a half hour before dark. Their first attempt fails as they try crossing the lake from the island to shore with a rope leaving Pete to come up with another plan to get them out of this.

Between the panicky tourists and the ones that remain calm the chain of events will keep you in suspense as to who will win, the terrorized tourists or the huge life threatening crocodile that is virtually holding them prisoners on this little island.

I am a huge fan of thriller movies. I would recommend this to anyone that likes an adventure filled with suspense.

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Jan Barrett

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