I will be the first to admit that I picked this DVD up, and said something like “Oh God, more bloody Metal”, actually I think I used some words slightly stronger, so strong that if we had a cat (which we do not) it would have blushed! My wife Jan gave me one of her ‘knowing’ looks, and put her headphones on to tune me out!

Well have I got a surprise for you, this is a must have DVD. For those of you not familiar with Rat Skates, he was the glue that created the Thrash Metal band Overkill, who were a huge influence on the genre in the 80’s. Rat has tales to tell, and he does them with a panache that just does not seem to fit the usual ‘brain dead’ label. As a school kid he loved the idea of playing the drums, unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, in those early years he had to practice using a set with rubber skins, that sure serves two purposes, it keeps the noise level down, and the neighbors don’t want to kill you!

Although he was making a name for himself Skateboarding his love was in the drums. Begging, borrowing, but not stealing, he managed to get, not just the drums but also some other people to join him in this musical quest. Starting off doing covers, and very much influenced by the ‘Glam’ bands like Kiss they slowly began to grow. Of course every bands dream is to get that recording contract!

Unfortunately the contract comes at a price, Rat discovers that suddenly he is broke, while it may not be fun building your own drum riser out of milk crates, or creating your own 20 foot logo, you do at least have some control over your destiny. Fame comes at a price, fame costs!

To quote Rat, “I loved the journey, but not the destination”.

I cannot recommend this DVD enough, on the five star scale it scores a seven!

Pick up your copy from MVD.

Simon Barrett


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