Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares, Series 2
I have always been a huge fan of the somewhat over the top British chef Gordon Ramsey. I think he can be summed up as the man with a clean kitchen and a very dirty mouth! This guy knows more swear words than a salty dog! But, he is as entertaining as they come.

Series two of his riotously funny, well unless you happen to be one of his victims, Kitchen Nightmares program has now been released on DVD. I actually watched the cable version while in Canada. For every episode, the Food Channel had two versions, one with the swear words bleeped out, and the unadulterated version that played late at night! I can honestly say that Kitchen Nightmares was the very first cooking show that I had ever encountered that came with a ‘strong language’ warning.

Gordon Ramsey takes no prisoners, he is always out for the jugular. To mess with Ramsey is to create a scene akin to something out of a post apocalyptic world!

Note to self: never invite Gordon Ramsey to dinner unless the kitchen is clean and there are no skeletons in the refrigerator!

If you are looking for easy meals in 30 minutes, this is not the program. In fact he shares very few recipes, and those he does are not explained. The nearest he comes to offering advice amounts are caustic comments about how many gallons of disinfectant are required to clean the filthy eatery he finds himself in.

Gordon Ramsey is a one of a kind chef. He has earned 16 Michelin stars in his relatively short career. This guy knows his stuff. American audiences likely know him best as the beast that ran Hells Kitchen. Another fine culinary adventure!

He is without doubt a gentleman that I would love to interview on the radio, the good news being that Internet radio is not under the FCC rules that our ‘off air’ cousins have to face.

Series Two is just as entertaining as Series One. The only thing that I cannot understand is why anyone would willingly submit to the abuse that he hands out.

If you have not seen this series, it is ‘must watch’. It is available on Acorn Media, who are the premier US distributors of Brit TV.

This three DVD set contains 8 episodes, plus enough extras to make it a must have item.

There are a million ways to ruin a restaurant, but only one man has the audacity to attempt a rescue in one week: Gordon Ramsay, “the Dr. House of sick restaurants” (NPR Fresh Air). In his storied career, Ramsay has earned 16 Michelin stars, launched culinary successes around the globe, and become a wildly popular TV star. This award-winning series gives him one week to bring foundering restaurants back from the brink of collapse.

Order your copy from Acorn, just use this link Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares, Series 2
, I am willing to bet that you have never ever seen anything quite like this!

Simon Barrett

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