We are introduced to A.J. Raffles (Anthony Valentine) in this DVD set titled, Raffles: The Complete Collection. Raffles is considered a man of leisure and a first class cricketer. He is a gentleman thief in Victorian England. When he isn’t dining at his club or taking wickets for England, he can be found engaged in one of his other favorite activities, which is relieving the wealthy of their riches. Raffles is London’s finest diamond thief which is his favorite heist

Raffles is a master of accents and disguise and he is usually assisted by his old school chum “Bunny” Manders (Christopher Strauli) Raffles somehow leads Bunny into the most complex of predicaments and deadliest of situations, likely not to be pursued by Inspector Mackenzie (Victor Carin) of Scotland Yard.

You will be entertained with 14 episodes beginning with the Pilot of the show in this 4 disc set.

To name a few we have included as the pilot, The Amateur Cracksman. Here we have Raffles and Bunny heading out to the county cricket games where they are planning some diamonds heisting. They run into a problem when they find themselves in competition with others that have the same plans and with the Inspector being around.

In The Chest of Silver, Raffles has some silverware and sterling heirlooms; which he stole previously, that has been stolen from a London bank vault.

To Catch a Thief proves that London certainly has more than one gentleman thief.

In A Bad Night, Bunny decides to go for a heist on his own on a millionaire’s home while Raffles joins the England Cricket team which only turns out to be double trouble when a rival thief works on the same job.

In An Old Flame, Raffles is caught red handed in the act by an old flame that wants their relationship rekindled. It is interesting to see if Raffle can worm his way out of this one.

This is only from five of the episodes, there are nine more to enjoy. The whole DVD set can keep you sitting in front of your DVD player for hours. The total run time is approximately 840 minutes. Raffles: The Complete Collection goes on sale on June 15, 2010 and you can click on the Amazon icon above to get your own copy.

Jan Barrett

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