Stuart Alan Jones (Aidan Gillen) is rich, handsome and an unrepentant rake, wreaking havoc on Manchester’s gay scene with his devil-may-care confidence and potential sexual charisma. His shy best friend, Vince Tyler (Craig Kelly) harbors a not-so-secret crush on Stuart and frequently gets stuck cleaning up his messes. When Stuart has a tryst with teenager Nathan (Charlie Hunnam) newly out of the closet and bursting with excitement … the one night stand changes their lives in unexpected ways.

This ground breaking series became a television phenomenon in the U.K. and inspired a long running American remake. Witty, daring and unapologetic, it celebrates gay culture while tackling universal themes of friendship, love, self-acceptance and adulthood.

Queer As Folk – The Complete Collection comes with 6 episodes on 3 discs:

Disc 1 – Series 1

Episode 1 – Vince and Stuart prowl the gay clubs looking for love or just to have a good time. One night Stuart meets up with a 15 year old for a tryst and unintentionally becomes entangled in the boy’s life.

Episode 2 – Vince’s friend Alexander comes to visit and Phil’s encounter with a man on Canal Street has tragic results. Meanwhile, Nathan’s mother reacts terribly when she starts to question his sexual orientation.

Disc 2 – Series 1

Episode 3 – Cameron invites Vince out for dinner. Vince awkwardly attempts to navigate the dating scene. Stuart’s parents are getting a divorce which inspires him to try to get Nathan back with his family. Cameron talks to Stuart about how he treats Vince.

Episode 4 – Stuart takes things one step too far at Vince’s 30th birthday party making Vince mad. Stuart conspires to expose Romey’s fraudulent marriage to the authorities. Nathan moves back home with his family. Vince makes a decision about his love life.

Disc 3 – Series 2

Episode 1 – A family wedding brings Stuart and Vince’s feelings for each other to the fore. Meanwhile Vince is up for a promotion at work, Nathan returns from London and Stuart’s nephew tries to blackmail him.

Episode 2 – Nathan stands up for himself at school. Hazel and Bernard fight dirty so Vince can win the promotion. Stuart takes drastic measures against Alexander’s parents, causing a rift with Vince. Stuart considers moving to London.

This DVD set does contain nudity, strong language, and sexual situations Extras included are:

• Deleted and extended scenes with commentary
• “What the Folk…?” featurette
• U.K. television show interviews
• Behind-the-scenes interviews
• U.K. trailers for Series 2
• Photo galleries
• Booklet with notes by series creator and writer Russell T. Davies

If you want a copy of this DVD set, Queer As Folk – The Complete Collection click on the Amazon link above.

Jan Barrett

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