If you are a fan of PBS Masterpiece Theatre then you would love this DVD set, Poldark , Series 2. It is based on the beloved novels well written by Winston Graham that tells the story of a gallant English officer who finds the trials and travails at home just as much as perilous as those he faced in war. The series is set in 18th Century Cornwall and this series concludes the saga of two rival families caught in a cross of fates and fortune.

Poldark, Series 2 is the British version of Gone With The Wind and it was featured on the Best of Masterpiece Theatre special. It has been voted as one of the 10 most popular shows in the series history in a 2007 series.

Robin Ellis portrays the role of Captain Ross Poldark set in Cornwall and in a time of upheaval in English history. Ross Finds his home life in turmoil and his marriage to Demelza in a lot of stress. The social disorder is not much better with threats on all sides, from rioters and robbers, the hungry poor and the ruthless George Warleggan (Ralph Bates), who happens to be Ross’s sworn enemy. Also starring in this series is Jane Wymark, playing Joyce Barnaby, Kevin McNally playing Drake and Judy Geeson as Caroline.

This series is a 4 volumes set with 13 episodes all of which are equally interesting and well done.

  • Part 1 – George Warleggan is now the owner of Ross’s aunt Agatha’s home even though she still lives there. Ross fights him on it only to get nowhere. George’s wife, Elizabeth is pregnant and has a hard time listening to the remarks Agatha has said about a child born under a black moon.
  • Part 2 – Ross seems preoccupied with the news of his friend, Dwight Enys, missing after his ship wrecks off the coast of France. His wife’s two younger brothers, Sam and Drake Carne cause some friction between the Poldark’s and the Warleggan’s.
  • Part 3 – Ross is suspected as a spy in France while he searches for his friend Dwight and he narrowly escapes execution from it. Drake has developed an interest in Elizabeth’s young cousin, Morwenna, even though she has promised to marry another member of the Warleggan family.
  • Part 4 – George Warleggan makes plans for Morwenna’s future and as totally different sort for Drake. When Ross intervenes and saves his brother-in-law’s neck, Drake feels indebted to his and is determined to repay his generosity.
  • Part 5 – Ross leads a daring raid to rescue his friend, Dwight from the French jail is successful but at what price? Tension fills in the Warleggan home when the baby son gets sick. Morwenna is not very happy when she marries a vicar. George is taken by surprise by Aunt Agatha’s final words to him.
  • Part 6 – George is determines to find out the truth about his son. Dwight and Caroline are married. Morwenna’s sister Rowella arrives in town and gains the attention of Morwenna’s husband, Ossie.
  • Part 7 – A new bond has developed between Ossie and his wife’s sister, Rowella. Ross and Elizabeth discover an old bond still between them. Warleggan decides to run for Parliament and concentrates on his campaign to get elected.
  • Part 8 – Lots of jealousy with members of the Warleggan and Poldark families and George takes out his hatred for the Poldark’s on Drake Carne but Morwenna proves particularly ruthless in exacting retribution and she ends up getting just what she wants.
  • Part 9 – Miners start rioting, the price of corn has risen and Ross finds himself torn between his loyalty to the crown and his sympathies to the poor. When a new election has been called, Ross decides to run for Parliament against George.
  • Part 10 – A lot of marital tension develops between Ross and Elizabeth, and between Morwenna and Ossie. George finds another way to get back at Ross, causing more problems between the two.
  • Part 11 – The Warleggan’s give a party and even though he wasn’t invited Ross shows up. Ross and Elizabeth are sighted together out on terrace by one of the guests at the party. Drake faces a choice when he hears about the fate of Morwenna’s husband, Ossie.
  • Part 12 – Drake disappears when he becomes a murder suspect. George’s plans to hurt Ross start taking effect. Actions taken by Demelza not only nearly bankrupts the Poldark’s  but it also puts Ross’s life at risk.
  • Part 13 – Ross accepts a duel in which he risks being convicted for murder. Elizabeth who is pregnant considers extreme measures to keep her marriage and family. Drake makes on last attempt to make a life with Morwenna.

If you liked the first series you will love the second on as well. Poldark, Series 2 is a DVD 4-Volume Boxed set with the 13 episodes runs approximately 683 minutes total and it includes Cast filmographies as a bonus feature. It goes on sale on October 26, 2010 but to reserve your copy you can click on the Amazon link above.

Jan Barrett

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