What do you have when you mix a restaurant owner and a Detective Inspector? You get Detective Inspector Henry Crabbe, played by Richard Griffiths, a semi-retired but he is more interested in cooking than investigating in the crime world. Pie In The Sky Series 4 guests stars Keeley Hawes and Jane Wymark.

Although his heart is with the dream restaurant that he owns called The Pie In The Sky, he still spends some of his time catching the bad guys that break the laws. His wish is to finally retire from the law enforcement to be able to serve up his favorite dishes full time along with his wife, Margaret, played by Maggie Steed, who happens to be his accountant as well.

The problem with this plan is that Crabbe’s boss, Assistant Chief Constable Freddy Fisher, played by Malcolm Sinclair, has other plans for him. He seems determined to keep Crabbe on the payroll because he doesn’t want to lose his best detective. He needs him to take the case4s that he knows only Crabbe would be able to solve.

This DVD set has 6 different episodes that will surely keep you entertained. The episodes include:

1.    Devils on Horseback Part 1
2.    Devils on Horseback Part 2
3.    Chinese Whispers
4.    New Leaf
5.    Breaking Bread
6.    Gary’s Cake

Pie In The Sky Series 4 goes on sale on January 25, 2011. It’s approximate run time is 296 minutes and it comes on 2 discs. Here is what the popular press says about this series:

The Globe and Mail – “A pleasure to watch”

Papermag.com – “Witty and incredibly entertaining”

Daily Mail – “Excellent cook-detective series”

MSN – “An enjoyable British mix of character comedy and murder mystery”

The Times – “As much a pleasure for culinary enthusiasts as it is for crime fans”

You can click on the Amazon link above to pre-order your copy of Pie In The Sky Series 4. You should enjoy it

Jan Barrett

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