I am not sure that this is a DVD movie that I can recommend, but the underlaying concept is one that is important in our current world.

The official blurb reads:

The Peeper has a “how to” website on peeping and stalking called Peeping Blog. On this site he gives advice and helpful hints on those who want to stalk people. Tonight though, he has a new camera and will document his peeping of his new victim. When an unexpected guest shows up at his victims home, he is trapped inside. He must decide if he wants to get caught, make a run for it, or do the unthinkable and take his stalking to the next level of murder.

This is the trailer:

I liked the premise, but I am not sure that I buy into the execution of the movie. Heavy breathing and Web Cam shots just do not do it for me.Peeping Blog is a great concept. And broaches a subject that should be of concern to every adult in the country. But I think Peeping Blog has headed in more of an Art movie than something that the general public can wrap their heads around.I don’t think that the director did himself any favors by choosing the name ‘Creep Creepersin’. While it may sound great during a ‘Kegger’, it is hardly the stuff that brings Oscar awards.Of course I could be wrong. Creep Creepersin could be Hollywood’s next biggest thing!Simon Barrett

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