I am a big fan of ‘Urban Legends’, and without doubt this is one of the best. For an urban legend to work there has to be elements of truth that can be manipulated into a cohesive story

Without doubt this is may favorite it even beats the story about slapping a couple of JATO rockets on the top of your car and ending up 200 feet up a cliff face. Oh, and there is not much left of the car or driver after the accident site is found. On a scale of 1 to 10 as to the truthfulness of the story, it scores about minus several million. But it still is a great story.

In Paul McCartney Really Is Dead we have a similar situation. But! Just because something is completely illogical, it does not mean that it is not entertaining.

The precept is that in 2005 Highway 81 (a Hollywood production company) received an unsolicited package. Inside the package was a personal voice recorder and two micro cassettes. The author (so we are told) was George Harrison.

In this ‘tell all’ DVD we discover that the real Paul McCartney died in a car accident in the 60’s. Rather than fess this up, they brought in a replacement. Some plastic surgery, a little bit of voice training, voila, a new Paul McCartney.

I have to admit that while I think this DVD is a pile of doggy doo in the reality aspect, it it just too much fun not to watch.

We have MI5, an officer by the name of Maxwell, that hounded the band. These tapes also prove that the cover art used on the Beatles albums give clues to Paul McCartney’s death. If we need further proof of this dreadful situation, the producers of the DVD play small excerpts in reverse. These indeed prove that Paul McCartney was dead!

William Campbell, with the help of the MI5 became the new Paul McCartney.

If you are a Beatles fan, this is one DVD that you will not want to miss. I don’t believe one word of it, but it is an entertaining story.

Grab a copy of this DVD, it is a must have! You can order your copy from Amazon.

I would write more, but I have Elvis on line one, and some guy claiming that he is from Area 51 at the door, so I have to close.

Simon Barrett

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