Patrick Moraz is probably best known for his keyboarding for the bands Yes and The Moody Blues. He does however have a rather interesting and unusual solo career. In many ways Patrick Moraz is a walking contradiction. Both Yes and The Moody Blues were very structured environments, creativity was confined to the studio. Once you were on stage, the songs were carefully managed.

Patrick on his own is a completely different beast. Although classically trained he has a very unstructured approach to his music, improv is his meat and potatoes. Live In Princeton was filmed in 1995, and is the only known recording of a very unconventional tour of the US that he participated in.

Patricks deal was that for a flat fee of $800 he would play wherever he was asked to, that could be your home, a club, a bar, it mattered not, and rumor has it that he played for audiences as small as two!

I am in two minds about this DVD, some of the tracks are superb, and are very melodic, almost classical in nature. Others I found discordant and disconnected. Patrick is an anathema, he is worth the effort, but be prepared for the bizarre.

You can pick up your copy of Live In Princeton from MVD.

Simon Barrett

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