This DVD set, Partners In Crime – The Tommy & Tuppence Mysteries is packed with good atmosphere and playful banter. It follows the now married couple, Tommy and Tuppence and they run the Blunt’s Detective Agency together.. They investigate cases that range from a purloined pearl to the disappearance of an Arctic explorer’s fiancée.

Frabcesca Annis portrays the high spirited Tuppence who is elegantly attired in the fabulous 1920’s fashion and James Warwick as the dry-witted and dapper Tommy. The DVD set includes 11 mysteries that follow the couple from their first meeting through their final cases.

1. The Secret Adversary – The couple solve several cases, some like cases that Sherlock Holmes might solve.

2. The Affair of the Pink Pearl – The pair of detectives search for a stolen pearl.

3. The House of Lurking Death – A series of murders leaves a poisoned box of chocolates as a clue.

4. The Sunningdale Mystery – The married couple investigate the murder of a man who was stabbed by a hat pin.

5. The Clergyman’s Daughter – An English country house that a young woman inherits could be haunted but the two detectives try to prove otherwise.

6. Finessing the King – A murdered woman is found at a costume ball where Tommy and Tuppence are attending.

7. The Ambassador’s Boots – A strange luggage case becomes a big mystery.

8. The Man in the Mist – The murder of a well known actress at a posh hotel is being investigated.

9. The Unbreakable Alibi
– Tommy and Tuppence try to help a man marry the woman of his dreams by breaking her alibi.

10. The Case of the Missing Lady – A polar explorer’s fiancée is missing and the question is, was the woman kidnapped?

11. The Crackler – Tommy and Tuppence work with Scotland Yard while investigating a bad of counterfeiters.

Partners In Crime – The Tommy & Tuppence Mysteries comes with 3 discs and has a total of about 423 minutes all for your home entertainment. If you think you might enjoy this DVD set, all you have to do is click on the Amazon icon above and order your copy. Then get you a bowl of popcorn, along with your favorite beverage and sit back and enjoy!

Jan Barrett

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