She wanted to create Paradise. All he wanted was to reach Paradise.

Erika, played by Shion Machida, a celebrated former anchorwoman has returned to her hometown to campaign for a seat in The National Party. They go door to door trying to campaign and she loses her patience with some of the people. She hires a fisherman to take her along the shore to campaign and when she loses her temper they decide to leave her until she calms down.

When she comes back to look for the boat she finds them gone. All that is there is the fisherman’s son, Yohei, played by Hideo Sakaki, who was also left behind to tend to her. Yohei is merely an insecure man that is in training to become a fisherman. She insists that he gets her back to the mainland before she is late for her TV show. She spots a small boat and decides to take it back to the mainland. At first he refuses to help her but once he sees she is going to go it alone he agrees to go with her. In the middle of the sea they run out of gas and are forced to go ashore on a deserted island.

Erika and Yohei are from two totally different worlds so they have to learn to get along on an island all alone. She seems to be spoiled and uses men to get what she wants and turns on them the moment things don’t go her way. Finding food is a problem since he isn’t really a fisherman yet and she blames the whole thing on him. She blames him for the boat running out of gas and for them not having food or fresh water.

I have to admit this movie kept my interest waiting to see if they were ever rescued. It contains some adult scenes and some violence and nudity. It is done in Japanese with English subtitles.

Paradise can be bought at MVD

Jan Barrett

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