If you are a lover of Prog Rock, you will need this one, I normally put the link to the ‘where to buy’ site at the bottom of my reviews, but this band is so good I’ll put you out of your misery right now, you won’t have to read my review, you can buy it here.

Of Swedish origin Par Lindh Project take Prog Rock to new heights. Keyboardist  Par Lindh (he has umlauts above the A in Par, but I’m damned if I can figure out how to get an A with .. above it on this keyboard), does a great job.

Prog Rockers love keyboards, and I do believe Par Lindh has beaten Rick Wakeman and Keith Emerson on the number of keyboards used in a single set! I counted 8, and I am sure I missed one or two!

I really like this DVD, and I really like the musical direction this band is taking. I have to admit that parts of this DVD took me back to the halcyon days of the early 70’s and ELP’s debut album Tarkus.

I have just finished a review of Tony Palmers great look at popular music, and if he was making that series today, Par Lindh would be in it.

My favorite classical composer has to be J. S. Bach, his work with the organ is magnificent, his compositions outstanding. Par Lindh might not be quite as good yet, but he certainly is on the right track.

Bach played with your mind, music, like everything else can be reduced to mathematics. But don’t be scared, math is fun if you take it in the right direction.

So much of todays music is lifeless, the Britney Spears of the world have wrecked the industry. It is wonderful to see a band like this break out. Of course they will face a huge hurdle in the US market, the US seems to be ingrained with the idea that all popular music should be shallow and involve some skimpily dressed bozo singing about inane subjects. Favorites being, Boy friends, Husbands, Dogs, Pick Up Trucks, and although I have not investigated it thoroughly, Barb Wire Fences.

Even worse is the Rap genre, get a grip folks, there is great music out there. Who wants to listen to some guy prattling on about ‘I aint yo n!gga’?

Get with the program folks, give Par Lindh a chance, he is a great composer and inventor. As best I know (which is usually wrong) your best bet for snagging this album is through Metal Minds.

Simon Barrett


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