Pallas led by Alan Reed started off life in the early 80’s, a time when prog rock was at it’s lowest ebb, the punk movement had all but decimated the genre. The big names in the game were in hiding, ELP for example had hightailed it to the tax free Bahamas, where punk was non existent.

Alan Reed though thought the time was ripe for a re-emergence, the phoenix rising from the ashes, and Neo Prog Rock was born.

Moment To Moment is testament to the longevity of the Prog Rock movement. This DVD is from a ‘Double header’ live performance given in Katowice, Poland last October. Pallas was the opening act for Clive Nolan’s rock opera She. Alan Reed and his band opened with a spectacular set, and then he donned a change of costume and was on stage once again.

Pallas is made up of Alan Reed doing vocals, Graeme Murray on Bass, Niall Mathewson on Guitars, Ronnie Brown in Keyboards, and Colin Fraser on Drums.

They are not your ‘run of the mill’ Prog Rock band, they have a very distinctive style, whereas many bands in the genre rely heavily on the use of Synths, Pallas uses them sparingly. They are certainly there, but they are not the lead instrument. The other feature that sets them apart is the fact that the frontman, Alan Reed, only does vocals, this is a rarity. The only other example I can think of is the Helium laced sounding voice of Jon Anderson with Yes.

Moment To Moment is destined to be released in the North American market in a couple of weeks, you can pre order through MVD.

Great band, and well worth the effort of tracking down. ‘Prog Rock is dead, long live Prog Rock’, and I disagree with Clive Nolan who told me in an interview “Prog Rock is what it is, it will always be a minority sport”. Prog Rock is on the upswing, great musicians, playing great music. Move over you rappers and punkers, the old guys are back in town. Prog Rock Rocks!

Simon Barrett

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