There are many ways to retell history. One of the best ways, is through press coverage. I will be the first to agree that this is not always the most reliable, and tends to only reveal victories, while often times those victories had a hollow ring to them when taken in the bigger picture. Never the less these news reports have historical significance, and one that is sadly lacking in the general nonsense that masquerades as education in our school system.

World War Two seems like old news, so old that to many, it is relegated to the category of boring. Let’s face it, we have Iraq, Afghanistan, Osama, and the whole war on terror. Who has time to dip into the history well?

The good new is, IMD Films does. They have taken rare original footage and added a narrator, whose tonal qualities, and language usage is right out of the Movietone Newsreels of the time. It is nothing short of brilliant! Pacific Invasion Pack explores WWII from Pearl Harbor to Hiroshima through the lens of footage taken at the time. All the footage is in Black and White, and some of the footage has not survived the years well, all the better that it be preserved now in digital form.

World War Two was not that long ago, yet in the deluge of information that is our world of today, it seems to have almost no relevance any more. I enjoyed this DVD a great deal, and I recommend that you order you own copy from MVD.

Simon Barrett

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