He’s out of jail and bent on revenge!

Frank Ross (Tom Bell) spent eight years in prison for a failed bank heist and now he is out, but when he returns to his old gangs hangout he makes it clear that he is there to find the snitch that helped put him in jail.

Frank doesn’t take long to fit in with the new attitudes of the disco-tinged 70’s but he realizes that although times have changed old grudges just don’t go away. He doesn’t hesitate to pull a gun or swing his fist if the need arises. Ross goes on with his search for finding this snitch, making sure he doesn’t fall into the clutches of a ruthless crime boss (Brian Cox) or the detective (Norman Rodway) that seems determined to destroy him.

This DVD comes with 6 episodes on 2 discs:

Disc 1

Episode 1 – It Must Be The Suit
The first day after his release from prison, Frank gets some devastating news while he is trying to adjust the outside world. He ends up getting into a knife fight with a pimp while searching for his rat.

Episode 2 – Not Just Pennies
Frank sees his wife, Eve. The detectives turn the heat up on Ross. When Eve escapes the hospital and commits a shocking act prompting Frank to infiltrate a high stakes card game.

Episode 3 – Maybe He’ll Bring Back A Geisha
Frank takes a risky trip to a country hideout of Pretty Billy Binns, one of the bank job crew that is out on the lam, as he looks for answers. Frank gets a step ahead on Eddie Archer but also must come to terms with his troubled teenage son.

Disc 2

Episode 4 – A Little Heart to Heart with Miss Bangor
Eve tells Frank about her twisted feelings towards their son, Paul. Ross gets a new lead about a call girl in hiding and he learns about a dark secret about crime boss McGrath, whose henchman is leaving a wake of destruction as he pursues Frank.

Episode 5 – The Moment He Opened His Envelope

McGrath puts out a contract on Ross to have him eliminated. The ex-con has other ideas though, like the shakedown of a money launderer and reconciliation with his son. An explosive turnabout brings Frank closer to the truth behind his arrest.

Episode 6 – I Wouldn’t Take Your Hand If I Was Drowning
Frank and a friend brutally beat corrupt ex-cop Hallam for vital information about Detective Bryce’s secret dealings. After a shootout with Ross, MacGrath makes a desperate move.

Bonus features for this DVD set, Out include episode commentaries on the first and final episodes by the writer, director and producer.

If you would like to have your own copy of this DVD set, Out, just click on the Amazon link above.

Jan Barrett

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