This is one of those short films, which runs only approximately 43 minutes, that you literally have to watch to understand if you don’t speak Japanese. There are English subtitles for it to help out. The cast includes Kei Mizutani , Nao Eguchi, and Yukari Fukawa.

It starts out with 60’s style fashion and music as three exotic dancers are up to no good. They are stopped on the road for speeding carrying a dead man’s body in the back of the truck which starts their adventure when they are forced to kill the police officer that stopped them.

When a car passes by and witnesses them killing the cop they set out to find the driver. Once they find her they plot to find a way to kill her and the butler in the home so they can steal the girl’s master’s money. They find out that the girls master treats her like a slave. They are told that the old man holds her responsible for his losing a leg when a shark attacked him while he was saving the girl from drowning.

They find themselves getting in deeper as the plan goes into action things get out of hand which ends up causing trouble between the girls themselves too. The ending is a little different than you would expect it to be though.

A copy of this DVD can be found at MVD. 

Jan Barrett

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