Since I was a young child I have loved to travel. Since my father worked in construction we had the opportunity to travel with him during the summer school breaks. Fortunately it took us places we probably will never see again, so we enjoyed it all while we had the chance. As an adult I had the same privileges, from Washington DC to New York City to the small Amish Farm areas in Pennsylvania to Valley Forge. We traveled all up and down the east coast and north over to Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin and down the map through to Colorado, Texas and all of the southern states. I suppose that is one reason I have always been interested in seeing new places. Learning of new cultures and seeing how other people lived was always interesting to me. We was lucky though, because not too many people get the chance to do that.

When I saw this DVD set On The Road With Charles Kuralt Set 3, I was green with envy, because I would have loved to have been able to travel on an adventure like Charles Kuralt did in this film. Starting in the year of 1967 he took to the road in search of ordinary people and their unusual and overlooked stories. Time capsules of a bygone era, these gentle stories are reminders of what makes America great. They remain deeply meaningful, poignant and truthful today.

Charles Kuralt and his film crew traveled over a million miles total over the course of 20 years of his coverage and it is said that they wore out a total of six motor homes. They filmed their trips and it was first aired on TV on the CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite which ended up winning an Emmy Award and three Peabody Awards. His TV show became well known in America’s living rooms.

During his travels Kuralt talked to a lot of people, including horse traders and hex-sign painters, teachers and tinkerers, singing mailmen and steamboat captains, sociable folks and those that preferred being alone like a man that lived on a glacier in the shadow of Mt. McKinley. Some of the states covered include Missouri, Pennsylvania, Utah, Minnesota, the Dakota’s, Texas and many more.

Bonus features include: An exclusive 55 min. interview with Isadore Bleckman, Kuralt’s longtime cameraman; About On the Road, Road Updates, and a biography of Charles Kuralt.

If you like traveling and hearing about other lifestyles then you would enjoy this series. Set three has 14 episodes that runs approximately 294 minutes total on 3 discs. You can get your own copy of On The Road With Charles Kuralt Set 3 by clicking on the Amazon link above. Reserve your copy now before it goes on sale on October 26, 2010.

Jan Barrett

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