More than twenty-five years ago, my ex-husband and I travelled along with my parents and my brother and his family, up and down the east coast from the  Gulf Coast to the Northern States, and as far west as Colorado. We each had our own campers that we took to help with the expense of hotel rooms and restaurants. Besides it was easier than having to pack up each time we moved on to a new place.

I think this is why I enjoyed watching Charles Kuralt in these segments. I think I had travelling in my blood. I love hearing about the folks that no one ever heard of and their accomplishments in the world. You would be surprised at how many amazing people there are out there. But to find them you have to go out there in the world which is what Kuralt set out to do and he was very successful at it.

On the Road with Charles Kuralt aired on TV for CBS for over 20 years. He covered some very interesting areas. Along with his small crew they covered more than a million miles and actually went through a total of 6 motor homes while filming these segments throughout those 20 years. The series won Kuralt an Emmy and three Peabody Awards. Charles Kuralt became a name that everyone would recognize.

Kuralt was known as being curious, generous and always warm and he found everyone fascinating. He talked with cowboys, traffic cops, short order cooks, makers of corncob pipes and even an 87 year old college professor turned janitor. The janitor proclaimed:

“No Honest work is undignified.”

Kuralt continued his reports including a man who fixed toys, a farmer who carved slingshots, a Russian who waited 43 years to thank an American soldier that had actually saved his life.

Charles Kuralt’s way of thinking in these segments was that no story was too small, no person too ordinary.

This 3 DVD set that runs approximately 378 minutes include 18 episodes with I believe a total of 86 segments of these wonderful road trips with Charles Kuralt. We also get special features that include About On The Road, Road Updates and a biography of Charles Kuralt himself. Learn what a great man he really was.

To get your own copy of On The Road with Charles Kuralt Set 2 just click on the Amazon link above. I don’t think you will regret it. Some of the video/audio is not so clear but that is due to the age of the programs. There are a few flaws in the image and audio but they are easy to get past once you start watching.

Jan Barrett

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