I have been looking forward to this DVD since I first heard about it. Oliver Wakeman is Rick Wakemans oldest son. And like his father has embraced the keyboards as his weapon of choice, and like his father has as chosen the genre of Prog Rock as his starting point.

This is the first live DVD of this band, I am a big fan of live performances, the faults can not be covered up and rerecorded, it is what it is.

The band itself is made up of Oliver Wakeman on keyboards, I counted four, including a T1 Korg and a Roland XP-30, the other two I couldn’t get a good angle on. The Korg I believe came out in 1990, so it is not what you would call cutting edge, but it sure has a nice ‘Moogy’ sound. Paul Manzi handles the vocals, and does a very fine job. David Mark Pierce is on guitar, Paul Brown on bass, and Dave Wagstaff supplies the drumming.

Many celebs offspring follow in their parents footsteps, and generally speaking they are dreadful! That is not the case with Oliver Wakeman, he has inherited the Wakeman gene for composing, arranging and playing. This DVD showcases a highly competent prog rock band with huge amounts of potential. Mixing prog rock with an almost symphonic quality every track stands out.

One of the fascinating aspects of this new generation of prog rock, I guess in this internet centric world we should call it Prog Rock 2.0 is the amazing interaction between bands, they are all one big family. Gone are the days of isolationism, the bands collaborate. Oliver has played with Clive Nolan (Neo, Pendragon) on a number of occasions.

Maybe the greatest high, and then the greatest low for Oliver Wakeman has to be some recent events. Yes had decided to do a 40th year anniversary tour, and unfortunately prior commitments prevented Rick Wakeman from joining the tour, Oliver was invited to take his fathers place. Alas Jon Anderson has been sidelined because of medical problems and the tour has been canceled.

If you like great prog rock, you will certainly want this in your collection. It is currently available in Europe, and has a US street date of July/8.  You can order your copy from Metal Mind Productions (Europe) or MVD (US).

Simon Barrett


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