Oban Star Racers Vol 1 & 2 Even to a fairly knowledgeable anime viewer like me I was surprised to hear that there was a series of anime with the name I associate with Scottish Whisky rather than Jap animation.  While this is aimed at the younger set, therefore, less violent and dark, that does not mean it lacks a certain plot level that is attractive to those above the age of 14.  

This is certainly not your average lame weak plotted Pokemon and it’s imitators. There are traditional Japanese themes of honour, family and obligation.  The basic plot is one of a young girl trying to find her father and ending up racing for her planet in a universe wide racing series.  In fact it is far greater than a racing series it has to do with a battle between good and evil. This story plays out over 26 episodes and does have an effect of drawing you in, even though, the main character is a whiny young girl it does not mean it is a childish series.  

Like many good such series it can be seen at many levels and once you get into it is actually rather good.   Granted it has an annoying Jap pop theme song which of course you can skip over with the fast forward button and sometimes there are bits which plod on.  This is mainly back story when it comes to the family problems between the two main characters. As you would expect with these kind of box sets there are extra goodies including profiles, concept art, trailers and other extras.  

These two DVD sets are good value for money and include glorious 5.1 sound.  Not exactly people’s first choice for anime viewing but enjoyable none the less.

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